“Studied at the Faculty of Law, Udayana University we can learn all the turmoil that live in the community.  This faculty also support us in developing ourself to create a competent law graduates as former of the Faculty of Law, Udayana University.”

I Kadek Budi Prasetya
Student Number (0803005067)


“I am very proud to be a student at the Faculty of Law University of Udayana. They support the students through educational facilities, other than that this faculty is located in Bali where Bali become one of barometer of international tourism.”

Ida Ayu Dwita Sukma Ari P.
Student Number (0803005021)

“I am very proud to be graduates from Faculty of Law Udayana University, I saw that the development is very rapid. I believe that all the graduate students will be useful nationally and internationally.”

Dr. I Nyoman Sukandia, SH, MH

“Legal education must be grounded in love with the morality frame, aimed at providing benefits to achieve happiness.”

I Wayan Sugitha, SH