Our Facilities

There are several facilities that we have to support educational process such as:

  • Law laboratory
    • Law laboratory function is generally used for scientific study and research facilities for students and lecturers.  The function Law Laboratory is not only to support the development of academic atmosphere at Faculty of Law but also serve the public interest especially for legal aid. The task of this laboratory:1. Providing education and training of legal skills that can be classified into two, namely:

      a) Litigation Skills, such as acting as judge, prosecutor Legal advisor / Advocate.
      b) non-litigation skills, such as negotiation skills preparing contracts, preparing legislation.
      c) Skills provides consultation and legal aid

      2. Preparing some activities or training for student to support internship activities.

  • English Language laboratory
    • This facility helps any member of Law Faculty in improving English language skills


  • Discussion rooms
  • Library and E-library
  • Computer laboratory, Free Internet & Hotspot access
    • The facilities are intended for all member of Law Faculty to support the Electronic learning process. The Hotspot facility has reached all spot at the Law Faculty.