The Student Community for International Law (SCIL) Faculty of Law Udayana University (FL Unud) conducted International Seminar on “International Engagement to Combat Human Trafficking” on 12 October 2019 at the Aula of  FL Unud, Denpasar Bali.  During the opening ceremony Head of Committee Wayan Michael Astawa reported that the purpose of the seminar is to educate law students and broader society regarding the awareness of the negative impact of human trafficking. The President of SCIL Ida Bagus Sony Andara Putra in his welcome remarks introduces the SCIL as a student association at FL Unud and the SCIL concerns on issues in the field of international law. The seminar was then officially opened by Head of Bachelor of Law Study Program Dr. Desak Putu Dewi Kasih, SH, MHum, who represented the Dean of FL Unud.

The Seminar was divided into two sessions.  The first session was chaired by I Gusti Ayu Kanaya Manohara, invited two speakers.  Bo Beintema, a Master student of Globalisation and Law Maastricht University, presented the general concept of human trafficking and relevant Institution that dealing with such issues (UNODOC, Special Rapporteurs, OSCE, INTERPOL).  Maria Hafner, as student at Faculty of Law, University of Applied Science for Public Administration in Bavaria introduces German Laws to deal with Human Trafficking, primarily norms contained in the German Criminal Code (Strafgesetzbuch/StBG)  that cover the issue of human trafficking, forced prostitution, forced labour, and commercial exploitation of workers or prison inmate.

The second session was chaired by Muamar. The first speaker is Yohana Agustina Pandhi, SH, Director of GERASA Indonesia who presented the subjects of the trafficker and how traffickers commit their actions. Moreover, she explained the situations of the victims and encouraged the awareness of seminar participants to stop the practice of human trafficking. Subsequently, I Gede Eka Sarjana, SH, LLM, Ph.D, a lecturer of International Law Department at FL Unud, revealed the correlation between human trafficking and tourism. He introduced the concept and definition of sex tourism, provided details of victims of sex tourism which predominated by girls, and argued that poor economic situation as a factor that stimulating human trafficking. Furthermore, he warns that sex tourism had an impact on the health of the human being as it significantly increases the number of HIV infected persons. 

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